The Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs (ATESE), Tax ID: 85-2438944, is a “Peer” membership organization of and for 501c Startups & Tax Exempt Entrepreneurs. Tax exempt status IS NOT a Factor, qualification is status as a 501c Founder of the entity/program.

Founders may be more than one person, a Group up to 5 persons, and may even include 1 Senior Officer if appropriate.

ATESE is not a membership for, or that includes persons who sits on the Board of the organization or program, or persons/entities serving as Fiscal Sponsors. Board Members and Fiscal Sponsors ARE NOT eligible or permitted “Unless They Were” the Founder/one of the Founding Member(s) of the organization first.


Direct member benefits of ATESE comes in the form of solutions to issues identified by ATESE Membership for which TLLF and its supporting entities which were established by TLLF to develop solutions, create education products and lobby Congress for policy, legislative,and B2B change.

Other member benefits of ATESE are delivered as product, program & service offerings of The Learners Lab Foundation. Individual and business training will be available thru The Foundation’s Charitable Workforce Training (CWT) Programs and business survival services including Fiscal Sponsorship, Technical Assistance are delivered thru the 501c Economic Development Enterprise. The Executive Management Fellowship Academy, which is a cross support of both the CWT Program and the Economic Development Enterprise is where customized training specifically for the tax exempt community, talent management, and full life cycle fundraising/development services are delivered. The Fellowship Academy will be a credentialing institution offering certifications among other pace-setting programs its namesake Fellowship Training Programs and a first of its kind multi-disciplined business PhD for Senior Executive and Board Leadership.


The ATESE Membership Cycle commences on Registration, which is the beginning of the ATESE Fiscal Year. Membership renews Annually but is not billed automatically. Renewal is an option and renewal fee notifications will be sent in advance.

ATESE has 4 categories or types of memberships, membership rates are based upon the number of persons for each type. Those are as follows:
Single Founder Member $99
Co-Founders (2) $185
Multiple Founders (3-4) $350, and
Founding Group (5+) $495

Operational Status has both a functional and demographical purpose. This will help us track how we serve and identify/trend where the need occurs. Operational Status tracks: Idea Stage, Early Pre-Launch, Starting Up/Restarting, Launched by Not Operational, Launched & Operational, or Transitioning from For Profit to Tax Exempt.


You will find the Membership payment form with Cognito Forms at the following link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/AssociationOfTaxExemptStartupsEntrepreneursATESEInc/ATESEMembershipRegistrationForm


Fiscal Sponsorships with the Foundation are not required for ATESE Membership. If you are interested in Fiscal Sponsorship, check out the details at http://FiscalSponsorships.org.


ATESE’s mission is to provide a peer-based networking forum where 501c Founder & Entrepreneurs can speak freely about problems, blockages & gaps in access to funding, financial, talent, and material resources and build an infrastructure that supports their pursuit and attainment of their tax exempt status. ATESE is being Fiscally Sponsored by The Learners Lab Foundation.

The information shared will help The Foundation in developing & establishing connections to solutions as well as to capture the attention of law makers and established businesses regarding the blockages they encounter and the adverse impact of them on the business community as whole.

The Institute for 501c Entrepreneurial Economic Development and The Council for 501c/Tax Exempt Entrepreneurial Policy Development and Inclusion, The Foundation’s Policy Inclusion Think Tank & Research Center were established for these purposes.