Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs (ATESE)

ATESE — A Place for 501c Founders

Serving all 29 types of IRS Approved Tax Exempt Entities

Meet, Networking & Support Your Peer 501c Founders

Virtual Meetings with The Learners Lab Foundation & Pod Casts, and Meetups with Peer 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs, & Young 501c Small Businesses

Economic Development for 501cs

Benefits include nominally priced business services, learn self-sufficiency, published live profile on your entity, get leadership training and more…

Resolving Issues of 501c Startups

Forums to identify funding barriers and resource challenges,, of current practices for research to produce data and lobbying Congress to mandate government & B2b inclusion.

501c Startups are Small Businesses Too!

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Thank you for considering joining the Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs. ATESE is The Learners Lab Foundation‘s place where 501c Startups & Entrepreneurial Peers can meet, network, share resource and experiences in an open, unrestricted environment.

ATESE is where you can speak freely to identify problems, blockages & gaps in access to funding, including emergency assistance funds at the federal, state, local and B2B levels in addition to problems with financial, talent, and material resources that you encounter in pursuing your tax exempt status. The information you provide will enable The Learners Lab Foundation to create connections to and develop solutions that we hope will eliminate them altogether.


Coming Soon!

In addition to other efforts, TLLF has been working on a fundraising program to bringing visibility to Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs as the Small Business Entities and help us eliminate resource gaps and hardships you may be facing. We know you are entitled to equal treatment in financial management and business lending services, and equal access to ALL types of small business resources the same as For Profit Startups are.

With this in mind The Learners Lab Foundation will be launching another innovation — a fundraising program to help us develop, launch and/or connect you to the products, programs and services you need as a small business.

The Small Biz Store — Supporting 501c Startups is TLLF’s online merchandise store, and one of several fundraisers we’ve planned to help you fill unwanted and unnecessary gaps in your business resources. The Small Biz Store will have hoodies, T Shirts, face coverings, leggings, glassware, even cell phone covers. All have the some form of the same message: ……“Tax Exempt Startups — We’re Small Businesses Too!”

Stay tuned, The Small Biz Store launches soon!


On behalf of The Learners Lab Foundation Enterprise , its volunteers, interns, partners, supporters, and our parent entity & strategic operations partner, The Competence Group, LLC, Thank You for your patience as we work to make things right for you.